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Renee Skjerpen



Certified Life & Nutrition Coach 

 Renee Skjerpen


I Love being a certified Dream-builder Coach, Author of "Sorry," Only Means it Will Happen Again, along with being a Distributor of Sisel International products.

I've been discovering new ways of doing thing since 2015 researching and studying different programs that have proven tools that create success, live a balanced life style, manifest the life i imagine, while being a self- directed thinker.

I got my certification in life coach in Sept, 2019, serving mainly women 25 - 45 who struggle with trauma, depression, and  procrastination so they reconnect to their inner knowing, while building on an unshakable solid foundation of self-confidence, I build custom action plan for each clients skill set and needs, using 10 powerful principles, Good habits, in healthy, mind, body and soul.

  I experience 10 year of Domestic Violence, Drug use, and lived from place to place trying to find where I belonged jumping from job to job never being committed to a job for more than a year. I got board and always trying finding the next best thing.

When I found out about life Coaching in 2015, I started laughing, then a flash of, "this is what I've been searching for in a Career," feeling energized and pulled to Become this warrior architect to serve others ever since that day.

If you have ever went to a seminar and wonder why not every body succeed, that was me. In my researched, studies is that they weren't speaking to me in a way I could succeed so in gathering all this information I got every piece of effective information to apply it to my coaching programs. that deliver's the results to my clients.

I know time matters with a family of 4 boys and 1 Girl, who demand attention. Spending time with your spouse, whether they support your vision or not and finding that balance in your professional and personal lifestyle.

The Journey is process , adventurous, challenging and the unknown is where all the growth happens. Without support of mentor or coach it is a lonely and frustrating place to be, You are the only authority of your life, and what you will allow into it. If I don't like the way things are headed, the only one who can make the necessary  adjustments to Live the highest version on yourself is you.

Comparing yourself to who you were yesterday and who you become everyday after words, always striving to Be Better.  

I am looking forward to working with you and reaching the life you are imagine.

Keep Shining Bright,

Renee Skjerpen


What I Specialize In


Forming Good Habits


Vocation & Personal Life-Style

Reach Health Goals

Designing your Ideal Life

Steps in achieving The Life You Imagine

Friends by the Lake

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Life Vision Investments is Professional and experienced with different topics including domestic violence, nutrition, wellness, PTSD, and self- discovery. Check out some of their self help books if you have a moment.”

- Kevin O.

“What an amazing program for my team to help grow the business. Which was customized for each persons needs.”

- Traci Uniquestyle Feliciano

“Very good resource and knowledgeable, in finding your true potential... Very patient.”

- Michelle Chessi

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