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Personal Life Coach & Mentor in Henderson, NV

Renee Skjerpen

Certified Life Coach & Nutrition Expert

When you are creating a life you love,  having a mentor or coach to guide you on your journey of self discovery shortens the time of the journey.

A person who supports your vision.

 Life Vision Investments mission is to be the worlds leader in taking business and individuals to live the highest Version of themselves.

To live life by design and purpose for the life our clients love living.

We Believe in People

We Believe is Fun'

We Believe in Integrity

We Believe in Growth

We Believe in delivering the highest quality of service of what our clients deserve.

This is the place to be, to find your Master Key and unlocking all your Dreams

LVI saves time, Money, and create a customized  step-by-step action blueprint plan that is unique to each clients skills, talents and abilities. 

We work with corporate, residential, private, social organizations and groups. 

The area of focus are, Health, Relationship, Vocation, Time and Money Freedom.

If you need to customize it to fit your organization or group we accommodate it to your desired area of focus.

We work in group sessions or 1:1 session.

We provide 30 minute to 3 hour Vision Workshops covering all 4 area's or customized to each groups desires.

I am a Certified Dream-builder Coach. I am in Henderson Nv. area. Services are done online in the comfort of your own home, on conference calling, Facebook or video chat by phone, which gives me the ability to service many area's, creating safety for my clients and myself.

  I have a team that has over 40 years of experience in designing the life you love living.

I service individual stuck by  domestic violence, trauma, homelessness and addiction, these are the area's I focus on and  transformation of ones life by reframing the stories, learning the lesson, receiving the gift and giving pack to the community Etc.

We also help in other area's and are open to other opportunities to help out in the Las Vegas communities or other area that need my Coaching, Speaking, Workshop and Nutritional services.

We are dedicated in serving our clients vision, giving our client the success tools that give the clients the skills to apply the action steps needed to bring about the life style they want for themselves. Our clients discover self-confidence, happiness, success, peace, and fulfillment after taking our program that they ask what’s next?

Look no further than Life vision investments for your very own Certified Life Coach here in Henderson, Nevada and surrounding areas.

Book a call today to go over your individual needs and to see if we are a great fit to work together. 


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