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The Mission to serve 5 Million Victims of Domestic Violence

The Vision of what is to come.

“Knights to Remember” is where I am interviewing Renee Skjerpen and how she reached success to the top. Everyone is in black tie attire. There is over 4000 people here so far walking into the entrance, the red carpet is rolled out, limousines are backed up to the street, the parking lot is packed, and the sun is setting in front of me.

This is the event of the year and has never been done in history to raise money for the support and education, to deliver resources, housing, ongoing support, legal assistance, food, childcare, living assistance and more. in serving Five million victims of domestic violence before Feb 21, 2026. This isn't your typical program, this is a hand up not a hand out everyone who is involved in these programs pays it forward.

A lot of the people here tonight have been through the programs Life Vision Investments and business partner that have made massive impacted in the World.

As I hand my invitation to the host, I was directed upstairs to the 3rd floor, where Renee Skjerpen was waiting on my arrival.

The host slid a card to access the third floor. I thought that was cool. When the doors opened on the elevator, I was walking into the comforts of home. Dark Cherry Hardwood floors, warm beige walls, a Dark Brown wrap around Sofa , the lamps and end tables matched. I had to stop the elevator doors from closing, when I stepped out of the elevator to the right was the kitchen, hard wood floors covered the whole room which looked to be about 1200 Sq ft.

The kitchen was fully stocked, with stainless steel appliances full size refrigerator and freezer which had about 12 shelves in each. The cabinet are two shades lighter then the floor, with track lighting under the cabinet shining on multiple colored Mable countertops. I was just about to sit down on the sofa, but the tv caught my attention, I walked toward the tv but it wasn’t a tv at all, it was a window to the club, my mouth dropped in awe. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw something sparkle which turned out to be Renee in her floor length dress which looked silver at first then as the light caught the dress it changed color, like green , yellow, and her hair was half up and half down with curls and bangs. She looked fantastic, her makeup was light brown eye shadow, black eye liner, and mascara soft rose cheeks and light brown lip gloss, with sparkly golden shoes.

She gave me a hug, we sat down on the Sofa and I began the interview. It took about 30mins for the interview to finish, she had more to say but the event for helping needy families was starting. I was floored by all that I had seen, and heard. I never had seen Renee shine so bright as she did tonight, let me explain, I am her son. I seen her ups, and downs she was always trying to get ahead, but kept running into road blocks in her life. She took care of four kids on her own for most of my life, then in August 2010 she got married to my Dad. What a pair they make there wasn’t any way to getting away with anything, they were supper hawks. These two were unstoppable, there were still struggles. Mom got sick 4 times in one year. She was run down from working so hard, and dealing with family issues.

Then she became an Distibutor with Sisel International, this company offers nutritional supplements, weight loss, and Sisel safe Products that are free of toxins and chemicals, she had more energy, and doesn't get sick anymore. When ever I called she was out at vending events, seminars and training all the time. She told me about this one seminar her friend had gotten a bunch of vendors together in the area to growing their business.

She said the lady had told her,” whatever it is you are holding onto deal with it”, don’t make it about you, don’t tie emotion to it, it happened but it doesn’t make you who you are today.

The thing is Renee and the family had gone through Ten years of Domestic Violence. That day set my mother onto a self changing adventure. She still struggled with making calls, she loved one on one’s. She talked to people as she drove them to the mine site, little by little she grew, but not to her satisfaction. Then her up line from Sisel gave her a website to look at, which was MKMMA which my mother had been looking for, for years. She is a life time member of the program and in the second year of taking the program wrote the book "Sorry, " Only Means It Will Happen Again.

The mission to serve five million victims of domestic violence was put in motions and grows daily. Renee searches out different programs to implement into a public Charter school system starting with the 8th grade and above delivering powerful principles, along with, proven, reliable, repeatable systems.

The life Renee is designing has been the best thing that ever happened to her. She told me it didn’t happen overnight, It took determination, desire for change, giving to others, which made her light up like a Christmas tree and all the presents. She is a true believer of, what you give is what you get. I never did really understand, what was going on until tonight. The last 7 years I have been run my program, living my life. I would call her on the weekends and let her know I was OK. We went on some family vacation, but I just thought it was because all the kids where out of the house, and had more money to take us places, because as a kid growing up, none of what I see here tonight was possible.

My mom told me what you dream with an earnest heart, give back what you receive, help others along the way you can achieve and possess what you focus on and have a clear vision. You must come from the Vision not work to get to your vision you me Be It, Do It, and Have. The I within is the reflection of how you see the outside world and becomes your reality you deliver to the world.

Team work makes the dream work.(Thank you Laura Baccini)

She has told me to stick around as she needs to interduce me to the MKMMA staff, along with here up line from Sisel, that she also invited here tonight, for a special thank you Award. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS

BY: Shawn Medina

The Fourthcoming Triumphants


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